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West Lebanon, NH

Gemstone identification can be challenging to the inexperienced eye. Raw gemstones often look like colored rocks or crystals, so getting a professional’s opinion is best to determine whether you have something of value. Your raw gemstone appraisal in West Lebanon, NH, will verify whether the stone has any value and is worth getting cut or made into a piece of jewelry. 

An Experienced Eye


Years of education, experience, and expertise can determine the quality and finished weight of an uncut stone. The shape of a raw stone is critical because it determines the type of cut, with the best-finished pieces making the most of the available material. Minimizing material loss is essential when producing a finished gemstone because the larger the carat weight, the higher the value. 

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Raw gemstones are gaining popularity in the jewelry market. Many are left uncut and only cleaned and lightly shaped before being set into bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. They often do not present clear or sharp color because of the rough edges but hold a charm all their own. More and more jewelry lovers are looking for uncut stones to add to their collections, so if you think you have one, reach out to us for a raw gemstone appraisal.